jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

Core Democratic Values and global citizenship

A Game about Core Democratic Values is here, we play and we learning the 10 Core Democratic Values.

We will make a work around Core Democratic values.
  • We will  investigate what  features have these core Democratic Values.
  • What is Democratic Citizenship?
  •  Why is Exercising Democratic Citizenship Important?
  •  Why Is Teaching About Democratic Citizenship Important?
  • Are we  learning the democratic values of public good, mutual care, tolerance, social justice, political agency, and moral leadership?
  • Do we know about problems in our community and nation? 
  • In the common life, are we hearing all sides of an issue, not just the obvious pros or cons? 
  • Do we possess thinking skills such as "critical reasoning, problem solving, decision making, perspective-taking, divergent thinking – constructing hypotheses, and evaluating evidence"
  •  Do we believe that by being active in our democracy they can make a difference?
The work have to answer these questions, making a personal reflexion, but is possible   that the way to made it could be   different: a video, a presentation, a mural,...

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