lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016


For the trimester, we are about to prepare the shooting of the promotional clip of the Short Ethic Movies Festival (now in its 2th edition). That's the reason why you should propose ideas.  Something to should be done by all ethic students. Working in group, 2-3 people, with these items: 

What is Gender Violence? how we can to combat? ...

... a video around 3-5 minutes.
Remember, you can use all types of technological systems, with nice music related to movies or your personal creation.

The dignity in the Spanish constitution

Here there is the Spanish Constitution.
  • Read the Section 10.1. Make a reflexion about this part
  • Conect de Section 10.1 and the Section 1.1  How are they related?
  • Read the Section 15. Explain it.