Materiales de Etica 1ª Ev.

Aquí se incluye una relación de preguntas e ideas  que  entran en la 1ª Evaluación 2017-18:

1ª Evaluación:
What is the difference between Animal and Human beings? 

In their activities and interests, humans and animals have several characteristics in common:
  • Animals eat. Human beings also have to eat.
  • Animals sleep. Human beings also need sleep.
  • Animals have sex to procreate. Humans also have sex.
  • Animals defend themselves; they fight. Human beings also have to defend themselves.
Despite the similarities, there is a fundamental difference between human beings and animals. What is that difference?
The distinction between the human form of life and the animal form of life is not that humans sleep on beds and animals sleep on the ground; it’s not that humans walk on two legs and many animals walk on four legs; it’s not that humans eat at a dining table with utensils and napkins while animals just eat with their mouth to the ground in some way. Humans are not meant to simply be refined animals. There is a much deeper and meaningful difference between humans and animals.
Beyond the activities humans and animals have in common (eating, sleeping, mating, and defending), human beings have a fifth faculty: the intelligence to inquire into the truth of our existence:
  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here? What is the purpose of my existence?
  • Why am I suffering?
  • How can I liberate myself from this suffering condition?
It is this extraordinarily valuable ability to be introspective—to question the meaning and purpose of our existence and endeavor to find a solution to human suffering—that sets humans apart from animals.
Modern slavery,  questions:

What conditions has  to have a person to achieve its fully develop?
What the Liberty mean ? definition
and the Equality?  definition
What the dignity mean ? definition
It is possible to live in liberty, dignity and equality? What do you think?

Why of the Human dignity, questions :
  • Look for information about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: What, where, when, why, how, ...?
  • What Human Rights articles are relative with the human dignity?
  • What do you think, is possible the human dignity without freedom or equality? 

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